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Ladies Cup

Why Ladies Cup?

Ladies Cup is the largest tournament for the WU13 category in the Czech Republic. Teams from many European countries will take part in the tournament, and we pay attention to quality when accepting them. Teams from the Czech Republic and Slovakia participate only by invitation. Thanks to that, we want to ensure that every match will be of the highest quality and that both girls and fans will experience a weekend full of beautiful girls' football.


The tournament takes place in cooperation with the Czech football association and a partner international tournament for the WU15 category in Písek. We offer an exclusive opportunity to participate in a tournament with the category of WU13 and WU15 at the same time in the Czech Republic.


Date and location

Location: Roudnice nad Labem

Date: 17. - 18. 9. 2022

Game scheme: 7+1

Game time: 20 minut

Propozice CZ

Propositions EN

Partner international tournament WU15


Location: Pisek

Date: 2022

Game scheme: 10+1

Accommodation and price list

Accommodation is located right in the sports area.

In case of sold out capacities in the sports area, we will provide an accommodation for fans close to the area.

Registered teams

Pod Lipou 297, Vědomice 413 01

+420 730 170 182

+420 737 274 821- parents and fans accommodation contacts

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